Mission Statement

Blaine County Fair is the cultural showplace for Blaine County

Agriculture and Youth related projects. We will maintain a family oriented atmosphere at the fair at a reasonable cost to the patrons. We will be a social, educational and economic asset to the citizens of Blaine County.


2021 Blaine County Fair Board


Devra Mary

Kelli Young

Laurie Fiscus


University of Idaho Extension


Grant Loomis – Extension Educator

Chandra Vaughan – 4-H Coordinator

Sarah Busdon – Administrative Assistant




Market Animal Sale Committee


Thelma Cameron

Dawn Bennion

Tracey Green

Nicki D’Orazio

Kelsey Barg
Chandra Vaughan

General Rules of the Blaine County Fair


  • The Blaine County Fair will not be responsible in any way for any loss, damage or injury of any character to any property, article, animal or person while the same is on the Fairgrounds.


  • Any person remaining on the grounds, or overnight, must have on his/her person a name ID card. This name card must be kept with person at all times, no exceptions. If person is a minor, they must be accompanied by an adult.


  • No dogs will be allowed on the Fairgrounds unless entered in a competition. Working dogs will be allowed.


  • ATV/GOLF CARTS/ MOTORCYCLE/BICYCLES are not allowed on or about the Fairgrounds.


  • No drugs or alcohol will be allowed on Fairground property.


  • No unethical or immoral activity will be tolerated on the Fairgrounds.


  • Violation of any rule can and may result in immediate dismissal of Fair participation and/or prosecution of said violator.